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New Year, New You: Ayni Despacho Ceremony

Updated: Mar 20

Step into a world of cosmic connection and transformation with our Ayni Despacho Ceremony, also known as the "Reciprocity Ceremony." As we gather together to welcome the New Year, we embrace the wisdom of the Q’ero lineage of Peru and their understanding of ayni, or right relationship, with the universe.

In this sacred ceremony, we use earth elements as messengers of gratitude, crafting a living prayer bundle that honors our connection to all living beings. Led by the incredible energy healer and Light Being, Angelica, this ceremony is a powerful experience of healing and renewal.

Corn and other grains are used to nourish participants and the Pachamama (the Earth) as well as seeds represent planting dreams and wishes. Red wine is poured to the earth as an offering and as a reminder of her life blood, and white wine is poured as an offering to the mountain spirits.

As we add each element to the despacho, the vibration in the room rises, creating a living prayer that brings energy shifts and healing. From the cleansing salt to the nourishing grains, every ingredient holds significance and receives prayers before being placed on the paper.

Throughout the ceremony, we call upon the spirits of the earth, the mountains, the elements, and the ancestors to carry our prayers to spirit. With each offering, we deepen our connection to the universe and to each other.

Final Blessings

At the culmination of the ceremony, we invite you to open your heart and receive the blessings of the energy vortex we have created. As the despacho is released on its journey to spirit, we honor the completion of our intentions and welcome the transformation that awaits.


Transformation: What is the desired outcome?

Whether you are seeking healing, clarity, or connection, our Ayni Despacho Ceremony offers a sacred space to honor the milestones of life and to express gratitude to Pachamama, our mother earth, and to the unseen worlds. Join us as we celebrate the beauty of life and the power of reciprocity in this transformative ceremony.

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