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HI there! 

I am the Founder & Visionary of the Soul Retreat, SPC, a social purpose company.


After 20 years successfully serving in various industries, I found myself retired with seemingly no purpose, no direction and no enthusiasm. I searched deeply for the heart felt servitude to humanity in this lifetime and as a result have birthed Soul Retreat SPC.


It is a growing Enterprise with a social purpose at heart (SPC), currently consisting of 28 services and functions which focus on serving people in business operations and management, health and wellness, psychotherapy, education and child and elder care, progressive tourism and events, community outreach and affordable housing, agricultural production and many more.

I operate this Enterprise from Soul Retreat Virtual Assistant Services which I also offer externally to create greater value in your own ventures through virtual business operations and management, administrative and executive functions. I am here to help hyper-operationalize your systems and business structures by using various levers to create exponential returns in profit. Additionally, as a Family CEO myself, I help other families achieve balance and structure in their personal lives.


My ideal clients are movers, shaker and believers who choose to optimize exponentially; they are mentally wealthy, purpose driven and globally aware of the impact they create. They may have all the untapped inner chi necessary to take themselves to the next level and I help reach down and bring up that power as well as provide the structure, discipline and alignment toward their defined success.

Soul Retreat, SPC Virtual Assistant Services is built to serve YOU.

On a personal level, I love spending time with my family, friends and business partners. I enjoy kayaking & boating, glamping, skiing, hiking and biking. I love cooking and gardening, reading, meditating, reiki and spa days. I really enjoy my professional development and continue to practice that which I'm guided to explore. I have the best business and life coaches - Tony Robbins, Jay Abraham, Marcus Lemonis, Lincoln Gergar to name a few - to whom I owe my deepest gratitude for pursuing their Soul's missions which enabled me to find mine. 

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