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Soul Retreat Offerings

Practical Naturopathy, Psychosynthesis & Optimal Health

We provide events, retreats, products and services with intention of sharing and enabling vitality through naturopathy, psychosynthesis and many other modalities practiced in fostering optimal health.

  • Spiritual Counseling

  • Transformational Life Coaching

  • Shamanic & Spiritual Journeying

  • Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy

  • Past Life Regression

  • Therapeutic Acupressure

  • Doula & End of Life Services

  • Sacred Cacao Ceremonies

  • Plant Medicines, Kambo

  • Panchakarma Treatments

  • Massages, Reiki, breath work, yoga Creative art & nature walks

  • Ayni Despacho & Fire Ceremonies

  • Crystal Singing Bowls Sound Healing Bath

  • Experience Deep Relaxation

  • Reduce Stress, Aging & Disease

  • Enhance Immune System & Vitality

  • Fully Integrate Body and Mind

  • Transcend to Higher Levels of Consciousness

  • Connect with Others

  • Achieve Emotional Balance & Mental Stability

  • Have Fun at Events, Wellness & Business Retreats

  • Explore Together and Live Wild

  • Experience Shamanic & Consciousness-Expanding Journeys


We help you achieve connection with others and the Source and drastically improve emotional balance and mental strength, dislodging traumatic energies or past experiences in the body.

We help you work with any dis-ease manifested in the body and guide you to achieve vitality.

We support you along the way on the path that you must walk yourself.

Through the Tree Branch
Soul Retreat Philosophy

Universal Law of Love is to be re/discovered and joyfully experienced in an alive and awakened state. The harmony of Love and Oneness is the underlying surging current.  This knowledge and awareness allows for the flow of of pure intelligence and with spiritual infusion it is wisdom that can be used in many benevolent ways here and now. Consciously In-Joy-ing life and integrating wellness into a wholistic lifestyle!

 This perspective on existence provides for a multitude of opportunities to contribute to the changes in each of our own ways. Soul Retreat, SPC is modern way to bring forth ideas, arts, events, retreats, products and services that aid in this collective consciousness upliftment, with a social purpose of servitude to all. 

Soul Retreat, SPC

Soul Retreat, SPC is a private venture with a psycho-spiritual social purpose at its core established in 2020.


Its purpose is to provide events, retreats, products and services with intention of sharing and enabling vitality through naturopathy, psychosynthesis and many other modalities practiced in fostering optimal health.


The activities are organized to promote positive effects in human wellness through inspirational, collaborative and equitable relationships with people, world community and Nature.


This is offered through educational tourism, soul evoking events such as wellness retreats, festivals, community events & work shops, speaker engagements, business retreats and soulful gatherings and other ways that aid in this mission. This mission is also shared in part through Business Development services and social purpose community engagements.



It is our mission to help more people create vitality and freedom in their life from honoring their life's purpose.


Together we are One!

In a synergetic collaboration with amazing individuals we write, plan, organize, promote, host and facilitate wellness events, ceremonies, and retreats. Special events and retreats are planned in advance and we also offer private bookings for "On Demand" experience enabling you to be engaged in designing your own retreat. The list of events and retreats is always growing, so check often or subscribe for most up to date events and early-bird specials. Namaste

Do you have an idea that you would like to collaborate on?

Yellow Fire Lanterns
Executive Contributors

We all are a source of infinite intelligence in a form of spiritual beings experiencing ourselves through human experience, in our own ways. This is a family endeavor that undoubtedly is growing the family tree branches. Every day is an inspiration and we, together, draw on our innate creativity to enable for a "Soul Retreat" experience for all that want to participate and add their own splash of expression.

As we embark on this journey to expand awareness, our intentions are clear, embodying the Highest Self, becoming the connecting rod, honoring our life's purpose, going beyond the physical, transcending and perfecting spiritual alchemy, being the Love and ALL that we are!

We have been welcoming the creative forces everywhere we go, and the appropriate people and events have come into our life. Although as in any evolution, there is always work to be done, we are consciously making strides to live in a highest-vibration through love, compassion, forgivenesscollaboration, discovery, healingacceptance and expansion. We are somewhat eccentric, fearless, loving and evolving.  We love to share ourselves with family and friends and we embrace the change within that is also occurring. We love the tranquility and peacefulness, the nature and the wild life surrounding us, and the abundance of joy where we are, in present NOW.  

With mighty souls in human bodies, we are challenged every day to raise our vibrations so that the incoming generations can build on a healthy foundation into their adult lives, and lead a heavenly life by following heart's inner guidance and honoring each of our life's purpose. There is no better way to do it than by choices we make every day.  

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