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The Rite of the Womb Ceremony: A Sacred Convergence Under the New Moon and Solar Eclipse

The Rite of the Womb - The 13th Rite of Munay Ki

On a serene evening amidst the tranquil shores of Ocean Shores, a gathering of kindred spirits came together to honor the sacred union of the New Moon and Solar Eclipse on April 8th. Led by the Divine Medicine Woman, Angelica, the ceremony commenced with a Feminine Despacho ritual—a sacred offering of gratitude and blessings to the land, the spirits, and the cycle of life itself.

Despacho to Heal The Feminine

Exploring the realm of the feminine essence, we find that its core lies in the realm of emotions. When these emotions are in disarray, indicating a sense of imbalance or wounding, it's often a sign of deeper issues within. Through healing and acceptance, both men and women can find liberation from past traumas and societal conditioning, fostering a deeper connection with themselves and others. The Feminine Despacho ceremony offers a profound opportunity for healing, especially for men, as it addresses the inner feminine aspect crucial for spiritual wholeness.

The Feminine Despacho ceremony unfolded with reverence and intention, as participants imbued each element with their essence, from the lighting of vibrant candles to the placement of symbolic offerings. Sugar for love, rice for fertility, nuts for the spirit of plants, and chocolate for Mother Earth—all came together in a colorful tapestry of healing and celebration. The culmination of the ceremony saw the Despacho offerings released into the etheric realm, carried aloft by the flames of transformation.

Following this sacred invocation, the gathering transitioned seamlessly into The Rite of the Womb ceremony—a profound transmission of feminine empowerment and healing. Rooted in the ancient wisdom of the Peruvian Andes, this rite serves as a catalyst for releasing trauma, reclaiming feminine power, and honoring the sacred space of creation within every woman.

What is "The Rite of the Womb" Ceremony?

"The Rite of the Womb" is the 13th Rite of Munay Ki, a sacred lineage passed down by Shamanic elders. It is a powerful blessing bestowed upon women to honor and empower the sacred place of creation—the womb. Stemming from the Quechua word "Munay" meaning love and the Japanese word "Ki" signifying the flow of energy, this ceremony is a testament to the universal force of love that permeates all creation.

Rooted in the cycles of the moon and the wisdom of the womb, The Rite of the Womb ceremony facilitates the release of ancestral trauma and collective wounds carried within the womb space. Through sacred practices and energetic transmissions, participants are invited to reconnect with their divine feminine essence, awaken their creative potential, and restore balance to their inner being.

Upcoming Next Event: May 7, 2024—The Next New Moon Ceremony

Mark your calendars and join us for our next sacred gathering on May 7, 2024—the next New Moon ceremony where we will once again converge under the celestial canopy to honor the cycles of renewal and rebirth. Experience the transformative power of The Rite of the Womb ceremony as we come together in sisterhood to cultivate healing, empowerment, and divine connection.

RSVP Your Spot Now

Take a courageous step forward into a new realm of healing and empowerment. RSVP your spot for "The Rite of The Womb" ceremony now and commit to nurturing your soul and contributing to the betterment of the world.

Let's illuminate our unique power as goddesses and create a world filled with love, light, and harmony.

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