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Date and time is TBD


Indian Subcontinent

Transcendent Trails: A Buddhist Exploration Retreat

Journey Alone, Together: Discover the Art of Living through Sacred Buddhist Sites.

Transcendent Trails: A Buddhist Exploration Retreat
Transcendent Trails: A Buddhist Exploration Retreat

Time & Location

Date and time is TBD

Indian Subcontinent

About the event

Embark on a two-week exploration retreat designed to immerse you in the rich spiritual and cultural heritage of Buddhism. From the revered Bodhgaya Temple in India to the serene Giant Buddha in Hong Kong, this journey promises profound personal growth and enlightenment. Engage with local communities, savor culinary delights, and experience the unity of traveling with a family-like group while discovering the sacred truths and practices of Buddhism.

Days 1-2: Arrival in Bodhgaya, India

Begin your journey in the heart of Buddhism, Bodhgaya, with a warm welcome ceremony and evening meditation under the Bodhi Tree.

Days 3-4: Bodhgaya Temple Exploration

Delve deeper into Buddhism with guided tours of the Bodhgaya Temple and Mahabodhi Tree, discussions on Buddhist teachings, and interactions with local monks.

Days 5-6: Boudhanath Stupa Experience in Kathmandu, Nepal

Travel to Kathmandu to visit the grand Boudhanath Stupa. Participate in guided meditations, learn about the stupa's history, and engage with the local Tibetan community.

Days 7-8: Theravada Buddhism in Kandy, Sri Lanka

 Explore Theravada Buddhism and karma in Kandy by visiting the Temple of the Tooth and participating in cultural workshops and activities.

Days 9-10: Samsara Exploration in Bangkok, Thailand 

Discover the concept of Samsara in Bangkok at the Wat Pho Temple. Enjoy a Thai culinary experience and explore local markets.

Days 11-12: Angkor Wat Spiritual Journey in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Visit the iconic Angkor Wat and nearby temples. Engage in discussions about Hindu cosmology and Buddhist influences, culminating in a sunset meditation session.

Days 13-14: Zen Experience at Po Lin, Hong Kong

Conclude your journey in Hong Kong at the Po Lin Monastery and Giant Buddha. Explore Zen teachings and participate in a final group reflection and closing ceremony.

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