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TBD with the traveling group


Vidracco (Damanhur - The Temple)

Damanhur Exploration (We Explore Together Series)

Let's explore together! This event is for a 4-8 persons group to take a journey into this beautiful creation. All details covered. Come and enjoy!

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Damanhur Exploration (We Explore Together Series)
Damanhur Exploration (We Explore Together Series)

Time & Location

TBD with the traveling group

Vidracco (Damanhur - The Temple), Via Baldissero, 21, 10080 Vidracco TO, Italy

About the event

Beyond education feel activation. 

Damanhur is a living lab for the Future, federation of spiritual communities, with its own constitution, culture, art, music, currency, schools and uses of science and technology. 

  • 10 day Damanhur Travel Mission including 3-day  Damanhur’s Alchemical approach to Life experienes of Damanhur. In these immersive days, you will discover more about the Spiritual Community and various methods, exercises to enter in deeper contact with yourself, others, nature, and the magical and energetic place. You’ll be guided by two experienced Transformational Tour Leaders, Goura Loto or Gazza Solidago, also co-creators and Instructors of the Damanhur Alchemy School.
  • Enhale the creation of Damjl - the Capital of Damanhur. It is the first teritorry and a capital of Demahur Federation of Communities. We will enjoy various experiences such as demanhurian art, work shops, handicrafts, markets and get a glimpse of every day life of people working to create a new sustainable model of society. 
  • Visit the Temple of Humankind: A great work of Art, carved by hand into the rock in the heart of a mountain in northern Italy. The Temples are a sacred container of devotion and pure ideals, dedicated to the Awakening of the divine within every human being. The Temples are a powerful antenna, consciously built on a meeting point of Synchronic Lines, the cosmic rivers of energy that connect all Life
  • Explore The Hall of Mirrors - Immersed in a magic atmosphere and in a golden light diffused by the dome, visitors feel enchanted by the endless reflections produced by the wall mirrors that surround everything in this Hall, and by the sound of the gong. Hall of Spheres: The Hall of Spheres is placed at the intersection of four Synchronic Lines, the great energy flows surrounding our planet. Here, it is possible to send and receive messages that are valuable for the evolution of humankind. The Hall of Metals: Spiritual evolution by overcoming of our human limitations is the theme of this spacious, circular Hall. The design of the floor mosaic is continued by the images depicted on the walls to finally reach the terracotta ceiling. The Hall of Victory: This Hall is located in the deepest point of the Temple compound. The ceiling reproduces the sky and constellations of 22,000 years ago, at the exact latitude of the Temples, to remind us of the time when the civilization of Atlantis was flourishing. The Hall of Water: Like a drop of water embedded in the rock, this cozy, circular Hall is dedicated to the feminine principle, to knowledge and memory. The Hall of The Earth: Eight columns made of white ceramic and richly decorated with high and low reliefs, adorn this Hall that narrates the complex story of the unitary divine principle fragmenting itself and creating life in the universe. The Blue Temple: The first Hall of the Temples where everything started is dedicated to pragmatic idealism and the discovery of the potential within all human beings. The Labyrinth: This Hall is dedicated to harmony between the divine forces of the planet, respect for all belief systems, peaceful relationships among all peoples.
  • Give yourself a gift of a magical night in a room connected to the Temples of Humankind.  The Abaton, the energetic aura of the Temples of Humankind will inspire your dreams and help you restore your well-being. Let energy and art lull you to sleep, and evoke useful dreams for your life. 
  • Emerse in The HumaniTree Alliance. Its purpose is to promote awareness of the interconnectedness of human beings and trees, and to launch a global campaign of awareness and celebration of this relationship. 
  • Explore the Music of The Plants. Imagine a world in which humans have learnt that everything that lives, humans, animals and plants have emotions and feelings and participate in life fully as we do. Imagine gardens and forests in which trees and flowers interact with human beings by means of sounds and music. Includes Bamboo M portable device with selection of music parameters and U1 device for for fixed work stations. 
  • Enjoy the gifts, the arts, and meditation engagements. Includes 192 page New Photo Book of the Temples of Humankind An exciting journey of aesthetic, cultural and artistic inspiration.
  • Discover the community, confidence, sustainability, and spirituality of Arca Tentyris Community

This travel experience $6,500 per person. Does not cover flight to Italy, but does include all travel within the country and many gifts (The Photo Book, plant music device and more!)

More details coming soon!

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