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Thurston County

Chakras Soul Retreat

10-day program to bring awareness to each chakra through relaxation and conscious expansion, creating rejuvenation, nourishing of the mind, body and the Soul, resulting in easy manifestation into your daily life. Starting at $3,333 per person. Pre-registration required.

Chakras Soul Retreat

Time & Location

Contact to Request a Date, starts Sundays

Thurston County, Sunwood Lake, Washington 98513, USA

About The Event

Sunday –Day 1 

Arrival after noon •Meet & Greet Lunch/Dinner and share vision for the retreat •Evening trail walk before rest •Mediation & rest 

Monday –Day 2  Root Chakra • Earth Element • Foundation • Feet •  Sense of smell

•Wake up with a Morning Meditation • Enjoy communal breakfast & discuss the Plan for the Day  • Mt. St. Helens Adventure to the active stratovolcano! Learn about Earth’s natural power and nature’s resilience to bounce back, human cooperation with nature, and plants’ evolution. Explore the lava caves and walk in nature, observe plants’ evolution. Lunch provided in the magnificent park.  • Wrap up day with Dinner & a Movie . A healthy dinner spread and a movie Funtastic Fungi exploring the networking power of the largest species on the Planet –mushrooms and its mycelium network.

Tuesday –Day 3 Sacral Chakra • Water Element • Creativity • Hands •  Sense of taste

Barefoot Yoga in the Lawn • Breakfast & Plan for the Day • Adventures on the lake: kayak, canoe or paddle boat • Nutritious Lunch | Travel • Arrive and check in at Pacific Ocean resort  where you will enjoy the sound of the crashing waves, the salty air and the mighty wind. Learn about the power of water and its healing abilities. Explore the beach and the many wild life that it offers. Engage your taste and smell senses with the dinner on the beach and the evening by the bon fire. We finish the day with an evening mediation before heading back to the resting quarters. 

Wednesday –Day 4 Solar Plexus Chakra • Fire Element •  Your Power •  Sight

Yoga on the shores • Breakfast, pack up & check out  •Scenic drive on coastal 101, stopping to explore sea life at Third Beach, through Olympic National Park with stops along the way and a hike through Hoh National Forest to finish at home base. Fully engage your sense of sight and with open heart capture the beauty in everything. Fire up your passion for life and feel empowered to dream big!  •Dinner & Free time | Mediation & Rest. 

Thursday –Day 5  Heart Chakra • Air Element •  Love •  Sense of Touch

 Morning Meditation & Breakfast at the LakeMorning walk, then engage with animals (horses).  Engage your sense of touch by connecting with the animals and plants. Expand your understanding of the physical world around and the symbiosis surrounding all. Feel your connection with all life. • Lunch at the Lake  •Arts, Crafts & MusicAir/Breath is the bridge between Heaven and Earth, travels beyond restrictions and enables the life energy to flow freely. We utilize this inner expression through arts and crafts, music and dance.   •Dinner & a Movie. Enjoy a dinner and a visually breathtaking non-verbal documentary Samsara (25 countries, 5 years in making) by filmmakers Ron Fricke and Mark Magidson. Recognize and resonate with the artistic expression of individuals’ vision in this film, and the feeling of empowerment that it leaves behind. 

Friday –Day 6 Throat Chakra - Ether Element - Self Expression - Communication

•   Yoga Nidra followed by Breakfast  • DIY Guided Projects:  Wind chimes known to bring positive energy, break up/reduce stuck energies and bring in harmony in your home. Or acrylic-pouring art on canvas which helps surrender control, provide for solace, releases emotions, thoughts and feelings and provides for connection in sharing • Lunch Spread • Visit Seattle’s Pacific Science Center or Chihuly Garden and Glass Exhibit–Explore new and favorite exhibits and experiences at PacSci and ignite your curiosity. Enjoy a live, immersive presentation in Willard Smith Planetarium. Blast-off to the outer reaches of the universe, or explore the planets in our own solar system. Discuss current astronomy news and learn about recent discoveries. Each show is live and presenters can modify the program based on interest. Enjoy Laser Dome Show

Saturday –Day 7 –Relaxation Day to Unwind

• Morning activities &  Breakfast • Relax at the resort or venture out to explore Pacific NorthWest in your own way. Make a trip to a local store or Olympia Farmer’s Market and enjoy brunch at Bud Bay Cafe

Sunday –Day 8  Perception (3rd Eye)  • All Elements -Light •  Intuition & Imagination • Sight

•Yoga & Meditation Session focused on perception chakra clearing  |  Breakfast  Buffet • A special connection session in powerful energy. The energy allows us to experience clear thought as well as gifts of spiritual contemplation and self reflection. Through the gift of 3rd eye seeing we can internalize the outer world and with symbolic language we can externalize the inner world -the path of "effortless action".  Action simply flows through you and you accomplish everything effortlessly. •Lunch & Visit to a local attraction •Soul Retreat Reflections –take the time to reflect on the experience through writing, singing or dancing, creating music, painting or any other form of expression desired to consider the experiences of the last week. Follow your intuition to create with you imagination.  We do less today to do more in another way  • Dinner | Packing & Laundry| Evening Mediation with singing bowls & Rest 

Monday –Day 9 Crown Chakra  •  Self Expression •  Sense of Knowing

• Wake up | Make every cell in your body awaken and rejoice with a Zumba  session. There is serenity, joy, and deep peace about life. Be open to have psychic gifts, awareness and to experience unity and the selfless realization that everything is connected at a fundamental level. •Breakfast •Tour of Washington State Capitol, Olympia or a bike ride along Capitol Lake. Enjoy crystal session with incredible light workers • Enjoylunch in the city (Steilacoom) & a ferry ride to Anderson Island for a hike at Andy’s Wildlife Park leading to Puget Sound beach.  • Dinner | Mediation & Rest

Tuesday –Day 10 Farewell Lunch

•  Meditation | Breakfast • Community cooking in preparation for a farewell lunch.

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