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44 Days in Transcendence

Transcendence is highest and most inclusive or holistic level of human consciousness, having and relating, as ends rather than means, to oneself, to significant others, to human beings in general, to other species, to nature and to cosmos. It is living at the level of Being.

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44 Days in Transcendence
44 Days in Transcendence

Время и место

Time is TBD


О событии

Transcendence is defined as the state of being beyond the range of normal perception and the limits of ordinary experience, the act of surpassing the usual limits of all possible experience and knowledge, beyond the wall of comprehension and ultimately transcending the universe of material existence.

In no particular order, but rather all encompassing, transcendence goes beyond the sense of self-consciousness or self-awareness, the surpassing of one's own will and identification or attachment. It is most definitely surpassing of human limits, imperfections and finiteness. It is to embody the Being beyond human form and nature in mastery of love toward increased  homonomy by fusing facts and values into One. It is acceptance of All-That-Is, the natural world as it is undivided by dichotomy and individual differences, the positive or negative reconciliation of the good or bad, ying or yang, "we" or "they" polarity.

44 days of Transcendence is a beautiful time of change for a reason, a season or a lifetime. Whether you are pursuing this guidance for a life changing experience, a psychospriritual assimilation or in preparation for an existential journey - the experience that welcomes you is one for the books and will never be forgotten.

For 44 days we work together to accomplish that which you set out for yourself, through your Higher Self guidance. Together we will walk through unknown doors and explore limitless possibilities. This transformative work is highly advised in pursuit of understanding yourself, efforts in changing human behavior whether with additions, life traumas or purposeful living, and in preparation for a psychedelic experience.

You will find this adventure to be amazing, transformative, challenging and possible!

The Plan that I will guide you through:

  1.  Every (1) Day - master self reflection (44 x)
  2.  Every Other (2) Days - engage in a progressive activity (22x)
  3.  Every 4 Days - reflect on the process (11x)
  4.  Every 11 Days - book a personal session (included) (4x)
  5.  Every 22 Days - enjoy/join a soul retreat (2x)
  6.  44th Day - reflect on your transcendence (1x)

Together, we can/will meet on Zoom and/or in person. Weekly activities and meet ups will be communicated in advance.


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