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Be Inspired! Be IN-FORM-ed!

  • Beautiful Existence through compassion and empathy in society is a norm.  The veil is thinning so it is time to discover, become aware and question your own lens of perception. Remove attachments & limitations.  See the World as if for the first time! Live life through an awakened heart, let the mind adapt and follow the natural flow of life. Expand your consciousness through every breath in Love. Breathe deeply and slowly both directions. Remember to touch heart often. Experience evolution to a high degree, in a life time (a planck of time) - exquisite by nature’s design.

On Top of the World

  • Discover the human race objective in separation, in part and holistically, spiritually and see it unfold. Become the Being to recognize the pure Divinity within, and share it with others. Receive the World from the Soul and expand the Soul's energy into the World.

  • Open up to Human Beings enlightenment and expanded self awareness of who we truly are. Expand awareness by breaking down limitations, there is more unknown than known. Always think solutions for every day coexistence.

  • Dream big and never stop dreaming bigger. Dream! Dream big and always. Thrive with the Unlimited imagination. In this dream, we awaken. Everything is a reflection of the self – what are you reflecting and projecting? Change the world from within. Discover all there is and create your reality. It’s a freedom of choice.   All is Love – in the Multiverse and from own heart. Wish for happiness, joy, laughtergood memories and compassion for all.

Happy Girls
Working in the Garden
  • Make it fair. Life is amazing! Be grateful and humble, lead with the heart and never stop being curious. Embrace spontaneity and change as the only constant in the Multiverse. Recognize the Leaders, follow until the next guide has the pleasure of taking over.

  • Abundance of food off the land; abundance of land to harvest food. Abundance of access to natural resources (like water, pure sun light, ground and awareness to simplicity of cultivating land given naturally available resources). Spend time in nature and discover various benefits of plant and mycelium life. What’s the nature of nature? Plant the seeds with joy, enjoy the flowers and share ripened fruit. Sustainability ideas at the core of understanding basic integration of all species and plants and resulting ideal conditions for preservation of all.

  • Work that brings joy, collaborative effort, excitement, happiness, and abundance of resources to sustain all. Conscious trade; abundance for all. Take others on Soul Retreats more frequently. Create “Soul Retreat” in each heart beat. Acquire knowledge and use the power for the greater good and in service to others. Cool, new, creative ways to fix things and innovate over again.

Happy Chefs
Laughing Yoga

  • Ton of laughter and joy with friends and family, as you add branches onto the family tree. Fun in the Sun wherever you go and whatever you do. Be grateful for all that comes our way - it's a blessing. Smiles and laughter, hugs and kisses, jokes and tickles, love and compassion fills our space.

  • Embrace music and sense of sound, especially as it pertains to natural sounds such as singing birds, the wind,  water sounds, singing bowls, guitar playing, drums, laughter etc. Spend time with friends and embrace the world that so effortlessly and joyfully presents itself in every awakened moment.

  • Higher level of interconnectedness with people, other species and entities. Be the conductor/communicator, grounded rod, a translator, an interpreter. Speak Absolute Truth as it resonates indefinitely and infinitely. Awaken to the Collective Consciousness. With 8.7million species on Gaia, there are trillions more species in the Universe - awaken to the larger collective of Creation. Communicate with grace through Higher Self, understanding the position of Self in existence and leading from Soul's purpose. Add Telepathy to your senses. Ability to share freely, without judgment. Extraterrestrial collaboration and co-creation. Embrace our diversities (in family, in friends, in species) and always appreciate the beauty of the Living Library. Integrate with and among the celestial beings, understand the Beautiful Universe, created by Creators – and what role do you play?

  • Love, compassion, kindness, respect, grace and gratefulness to surround, embrace, and hold close Mother Earth. Move through World with grace. Be “I AM” at the right place and the right time. Time is a construct. Discover alternative energies (geo-thermal, electro-magnetic, etheric and other) and ways to self sustain. Move away from dependence on failing systems and be curious about the unknown. Doing Business in 5th Dimension driven by trust, love and abundance

Children Playing

  • Follow the guidance and be uplifted by children. Create the “Soul Retreat” with the children. Discover from kids the new way, reflecting on the foundation of the old with grace and humility for all who came before us.

  • Take people on a soul retreat experience through meditations, moving writings, retreats, arts, music and dance, gardening & other socially responsible collaborative projects.

  • Know true Health & Wellness, and the healing powers of the Self. Develop ability to be flexible physically and metaphysically, and activate your sleeping DNA . Move through out with grace, balance, fluidity, expanse and synchronize with nature. Clean up house! Embrace living in a balanced, uncluttered, simple, beautiful, clairvoyant space and place. Don’t waste energy fighting anything; embrace all and see it in a joyous, happy, loving and simply move on and embrace in love that which no longer suites. It is a foundation nonetheless. Communicate with Creator daily, connect with guides frequently, discern incoming by trusting yourself; listen to the heart and then act. Enjoy meditation time – it’s important to clear conditioned mind, relax and slow down. Purge & Let go once and for all of all the things that no longer suite the 5th dimensional vibrations – be honest with yourself. Are you a Spiritual Healer?

  • Recognize your physical temple and awaken to a deeper connection with the body, emotions, mind and soul. Nourish self well; don’t be in blissful denial because we are wiser than that. Fill life with space for Divine and express the love light outward. Awaken to natural basic self-healing techniques – such as through water, oils, light therapy, sound therapy, and meditation. Expand understanding of nourishment, tame unhealthy habits, embrace the possibilities and focus on nourishing this ingenious biology for decades to come because your energy is needed here and now! Never judge yourself when whole heartedly following spiritual destiny.

Touching the Surface
Family Cooking
Stones of Meaning

  • Know that shadows are there to keep one busy from self-realization, use them wisely! Love yourself as God/Goddess would love their Creation; you owe it to yourself. Love all else as your son/daughter as they are your creation. Limit the his-story, as that’s the past. The future is yours alone to construct, and no need to dwell on old foundations - the lessons have already been learned, our purpose is to build on new knowing. Be happy and vibrant every moment of the day. Everything is a perception, let go of old contracts to experience a new, transcended you. Follow the heart, magnetize that which one yarn for.

  • Look inward for innovative way and ideas to embrace a new way of living in a harmony and synchronicity with Creative force – the path of least resistance and in love, leading from the heart. Restful and peaceful moments to re-energize body and calm the mind, reflect on spirit and love life every moment.

  • Find Joy in Life - Enjoy!

"The action is the most important part of spiritualization of the matter."

- Damanhur Community

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