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Location is TBD

Stepping Into Reality of Infinite Possibilities

Our identity determines our reality. Constructed identity limits our possibilities as humans because humanism is a learned concept. Pure consciousness resides behind the identity. Experience the formless, invisible, divine, without cause, not in space or time, beyond species– perspective experience.

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Stepping Into Reality of Infinite Possibilities
Stepping Into Reality of Infinite Possibilities

Время и место


Location is TBD

О событии

The Known is the karmic presence of the past. What if Unknown became known to You?

3 Components—Inspired by Dr. Deepak Chopra in collaboration with Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Summit

Are you drawn to the inquiry into the nature of the Self and the nature of Reality? This retreat does not offer answers to the questions, it offers living those questions, as the answers present themselves.

Arise to Your True Self— the timeless transcended being in the field of infinite possibilities.

Awaken Your Plutonic Values—love, compassion, joy, equanimity, truth.

Loss of Fear of Death—integrating the concepts of birth and death.

Retreat includes lodging, integration sessions, add-on activities & ceremonies, nutrition and transportation arrangements.

Included in Retreat:

1-Day or 3-5 Day Retreat

Lodging Included (single or shared bedroom)

Pre-and-post retreat virtual or in person integration sessions

Mind, Body & Spirit specific activities and ceremonies

Add-on/opt-out options

Transportation arrangements

All nourishment and refreshments

Gift Package


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