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Quixote Communities

​We provide permanent supportive housing for people experiencing homelessness.  We create and manage tiny home villages that foster community, encourage personal growth, and promote access to the care and services residents need.


Thurston County
Chamber of Commerce

Created in 1874, the Thurston County Chamber of Commerce is a community leader, steering prosperity in Thurston County. We work with an array of community partnerships, ranging from private businesses, non-profits, and government, to address the challenges and opportunities before our community.

Working Together


Connecting Consciousness

In CC we share spiritual values, the desire to see this planet with all it’s beings and beyond in freedom, peace and health by taking an active role, connected by a unifying consciousness and the effort to raise awakening and awareness, ensure as much light as possible as well as a high frequency.


Higher Self Teachings

The Higher Self is the blissful superconscious, higher mind part of ourselves that is the expression of Divine Love, spiritual wisdom, and creative power.

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Quick and Natural Full Coverage Sanitization with HOCL.

Created in nature by all mammal's white blood cells as a defense system to fight off bacteria, infections and pathogens. 


Soul Retreat SPC
Events & Retreats

Enjoy a local event, travel retreats, personal session or simply be inspired. 

Awaken, Connect & Nourish Your Soul.

Step into spiritual evolution of human kind.

Building Homes


Habitat for Humanity

Our Critical Home Repair program aims to provide stability for homeowners by preserving older homes for safer, easier maintenance.


Soul Retreat SPC
Care Services

Mission is to serve the Client in a respectful, honest, and a dignified way. We are Independent Care providers, registered with CDWA, here to serve the Client. 

Elder woman and her caretaker